Tips to Increase Your Spa’s Energy Efficiency

You’d be surprised how energy efficient your hot tub can be if you take a moment to follow these 3 simple steps. Here are a few ways you can save on your monthly energy bill, do your part to help the earth, and keep your hot tub in pristine condition for years to come. 


Invest in a High-Quality Cover

If you don’t already own a heavy-duty spa cover, it’s time to change that. In addition to keeping your hot tub free from fallen leaves, sticks, bugs, and debris, it can do wonders for keeping your energy costs as low as possible. Most of the heat from your hot tub escapes from the top, so it’s very important to invest in a cover that effectively seals in the cozy toastiness. This will ensure that minimal energy is required to keep the water’s temperature steady during the day. Whenever you’re not indulging in a relaxing soak, make sure to shut the cover and confirm that a tight seal has formed. If you can feel heat escaping, it might be time to purchase a new cover


Clean the Jets 

Performing regular cleanings of your jets is an essential part of ensuring that your hot tub is a fun, hygienic place to spend time, but it’s also an important step in reducing your energy consumption. If you’ve ever gone an extended period of time without performing a thorough cleaning, you might notice that their bubbling powers have diminished slightly. After a while, the natural body oils, sunscreen, lotions, perfumes, and other substances that originate from you and your guests will start to clog the jets and cause them to become less powerful. To make sure they’re at the top of their game and delivering delightful bubbles with the least amount of effort, it’s important to perform monthly or bi-monthly cleanings. 


Keep the Temperature Consistent 

There’s a common misconception floating around that a great way to save on energy costs is to raise and lower your hot tub’s temperature, depending on whether or not it’s in use. Believe it or not, it actually requires less energy to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. Simply pick a temperature setting that works for you and your household and keep it constant during any seasons that you utilize your hot tub. In addition to being more energy efficient, keeping the heat the same throughout the day means you can take spontaneous dips whenever the mood strikes you!


Interested in Learning More? 

Would you like to learn more about how to increase your hot tub’s energy efficiency? Contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to advise you. Thank you for doing your part in minimizing energy usage across our country!

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