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Re-Staining, Draining & Refilling

Re-staining your spa

We offer Madison a variety of Hot Tub and Spa repair and maintenance options including our re-staining service for $200 (plus travel if outside our local 10 mile radius.) What we do:

  • Secure loose wood
  • Replace missing wood (additional charge)
  • Power-wash spa and cover
  • Restain or paint spa
  • Apply Cover Shield to the cover

Quarterly Draining & Refilling

We offer people in and around Madison quarterly professional maintenance visits that include drainage and refilling. (every 3 months)
Each visit includes:

  • Complete draining of hot tub
  • Cleaning of acrylic surface
  • Refill of hot tub
  • Cleaning of cover & skirt
  • Water care start-up procedure