Amazing Benefits of Hot Water

Amazing Benefits of Hot Water Amazing Benefits of Hot Water mobile hero

Amazing Benefits of Hot Water

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Spending 15-25 minutes in 102 degree water causes your fight or flight system to reset reducing the stress and anxiety of the day.   learn more

  • Minimize Arthritis Pain

Regular use of a hot tub reduces arthritis and general joint pain.   learn more

  • Improve Circulation

Soaking in hot water causes you blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation throughout your body. Improved circulation has been correlated to a reduction in heart related problems.  learn more

  • Better Sleep

A hot tub soak before bed has helped people unplug and unwind, easing them into a gentle night’s rest.   learn more

  • Lower Blood Pressure

The hydrostatic pressure of being in water gives your circulatory system a gentle workout that helps reduce blood pressure.   learn more

  • Promote weight Loss

Making a hot tub a part of your wellness routine can assist in losing unwanted pounds.  learn more

  • Improve Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that regular hot tub use reduces blood sugar levels by more than 10%.   learn more

  • Improve Immune System

Increasing your core temperature improves your immune systems ability to keep you healthy.   learn more

  • Relieve Back Pain

Buoyancy relieves joint stress by reducing your weight by 90 percent taking pressure off your back, hot water loosens stiff joints and muscles, and Hydrotherapy jets can directly massage your back providing much needed relief.   learn more

  • Ease Sore Muscles

Soaking in a hot tub causes your muscles to relax.  Along with the increased circulation, your muscles can recover faster.   learn more

  • General Wellness

Regular use of a hot tub has similar benefits to exercising.   learn more

We all know how great it feels to spend time relaxing in a hot tub.  When you first climb in and lean your head back on the pillow an almost uncontrollable “Aaaaaaahhh!” escapes from your lips.  Maybe, that’s because your body instinctively knows this is a good thing.  For thousands of years people have used hot water to treat what ails them.  Modern scientific research is finally catching up and catching on to the Aaaahhmazing benefits of hot water!