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Water Care & Maintenance Requests

Weekly/Monthly/Annual Service Plans

Let the pros take care of your water care for you.

  • Sanitizer level testing and adjustment
  • PH level testing and adjustment
  • Alkalinity level testing and adjustment
  • Calcium hardness level testing and adjustment
  • Filter cleaning
  • Debris removal with spa-vac
  • Electrical disconnect safety check
  • Pump operation check
  • Cleaning of hot tub skirting, step and base
  • Cleaning of hot tub cover and application of cover-all


  • Water sample analysis
  • Spa Shock
  • PH balancing service
  • Stain/Scale Protection
  • Monthly Filter cleaning service ($89/mo value)
  • 8 point system check
  • 25% discount on drain and refill services
  • 12 point system check
  • Spring and Fall Cover Shield application
  • 20% year-round discounts** on all filters, covers and accessories















*Unless otherwise noted, all services are performed once per week. Additional charges may apply to outlying areas. Bachmann Pools and Spas, LLC is not responsible for normal wear and tear of components. No warranties are expressed or implied with purchase of any service plan. **20% discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Platinum Package: