Tips For Throwing a Hot Tub Halloween Party

With the days of summer behind us and football season underway, there’s no better time to plan a Halloween party in your hot tub. The best spooky soirees include food, costumes, music, and mood lighting – all set around an eerie theme.  

Check out a few tips from the Bachmanns: Pools, Spas & Saunas team on how to create the best hot tub Halloween party this season.  

Choose a Haunting Theme 

Haunted House: Your backyard is an extension of your home. So why not surprise your guests with a hot tub disguised as a witch’s cauldron? Better yet, add some ghoulish glitter to a gazebo, creating a more impactful scene. 

Toxic Spill Site: With the right amount of green ambient lighting, your spa will frighten anyone who dares to soak in slime. Gross out the neighbors this Halloween with a hot tub hazmat spill. Add a few biohazard props to complete the theme. 

Haunted Graveyard: This one is a favorite, because when the earth starts to move, beware! Decorate the surround of your hot tub with a cemetery scene mere mortals won’t be able to handle and that will send those meddling kids running!  

Set the Mood 

Setting the mood for your hot tub party comes easy when you shop spas equipped with mood lighting to match your party’s theme. Additions of red lighting can mimic blood, whereas blue hues can make the water look ghostly and hints of green will resemble toxic waste.  

Options are endless when it comes to lighting outside of your spa. Home Depot provides countless changeable light solutions with easy installation. Plus, they provide flexibility in color when it comes to other holiday themed parties. 

Don’t Forget the Tunes 

What is a party without something to ‘shake your bones’ too? It’s easy to put together a playlist all the ghouls and goblins will love, but if you need some inspiration checkout these lists.   

65 Best Halloween Songs to Play at Your Next Costume Party 

The 81 Best Halloween Songs Your Party Playlist Needs ASAP 

Once you have set the stage for the perfect evening, wrap up your party plans with some Halloween ‘treats’ and invitations to all your favorite monsters.  

Now, ‘Treat’ Yourself  

Party planning is hard work. If you find yourself searching for some extra relaxation in the wake of your fright fest, check out new spas at Bachmann’s Pool & Spa.  

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