Bachmann’s Best-In-Class Hot Tub Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Everyone loves hot tubs, but not everyone enjoys cleaning them. That’s where Bachmann’s Pool & Spa can save the day! Here are some of the professional spa maintenance services that our team specializes in.

Water Care & Maintenance Requests

It’s extremely important to keep your hot tub clean and safe to use. However, we understand it can be time-consuming to keep up with all the necessary maintenance for your tub year-round. Our weekly, monthly, and annual service plans are designed to cater to the needs of your spa and take care of everything you don’t want to.

Our water care and maintenance service plans include sanitizer, PH, alkalinity, calcium hardness level testing/adjustment, filter cleaning, and debris removal. Our experts will also perform an electrical disconnect safety check and monitor the pump’s operation. We complete the job by cleaning the hot tub skirting, steps, and cover and applying a cover-all to protect the tub from the elements.

We offer a Platinum Package that comes with weekly service of water analysis, balancing, filter cleaning, and a 12-point system check for your spa. This package also gives you a 25 percent off discount on drain and refill services, as well as a 20 percent year-round discount on all filters, covers, and accessories.

Free Water Analysis

If you are interested in having your spa water professionally tested, our Bachmann’s Pool & Spa locations offer free water analyses. To sign up, simply fill out this online form, or stop by our showroom any time with a water sample from your hot tub, and we will provide a detailed analysis of your water. Keeping your water clean and chemically balanced is important for your enjoyment and overall safety.

Re-staining, Draining & Refilling

If you notice any parts of your spa that are in need of repair or replacement, we offer a variety of hot tub and spa repair services in the Madison area. We will secure loose wood, replace missing wood, power wash the tub and cover, and apply Cover Shield to the cover. Give your spa a brand new finish with our restaining services for only $200.

Due to chemical build-up, hot tubs should be drained and refilled every three to four months. We can provide you with quarterly draining and refilling (every three months). Our team will drain your spa, clean the acrylic surface, refill the tub, clean the cover and skirt, and complete the water care start-up procedure.

Bachmann’s Hot Tub Maintenance

No matter what level of maintenance you desire, Bachmann’s Pool & Spa has a plan for you. Our quality of service is outstanding, and our team of spa experts is at your service for any problems. Contact our team today for more information