Which Hot Tub Cleaning System is Right For You?

Keeping your hot tub crystal clean doesn’t have to be a hassle – there are many different options for maintaining your system without the need for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing.  

No two hot tub systems are the same, and no two people use their hot tub systems in the same ways. Figuring out what works for you is crucial in determining your best option for cleaning products. 

Saltwater Versus Freshwater 

Saltwater hot tubs and pools appeal to people with skin sensitivities to high amounts of chlorine, but the care of saltwater systems differs from standard systems. The environment in a saltwater system can cause chalky white-calcium buildup to form on the walls, which decreases the chlorine output and necessitates more maintenance.  

With SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care, maintain your hot tub in two simple steps – Beginnings and Renewal. After using the Beginnings solution, all you have to do is add the Renewal solution once a week and that’s it! In two simple steps, your saltwater hot tub will be sparkling.  

Chemical Concerns 

While chemicals do a fantastic job of maintaining cleanliness within hot tub and pool systems, some people prefer to use methods without harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.   

The BAQUASpa® Pro Kit comes with a three-step process to maintain your spa’s waterline, clarify the water, and sanitize the walls while preventing stains – all without the use of chlorine or bromine. BAQUASpa® also maintains a large line of products to help with any specific concerns you may have, such as alkalinity level and pH balance.  

For another option, Clean Start by SilkBalance prepares your luxurious tub for a spa day in a matter of hours, not days like other brands. None of SilkBalance’s products contain harsh chemicals. Plus, using their products leaves your spa system with a fresh scent, ready for you to hop in and relax. 

Cleaning in the Off Season 

In the warmer months of the year, hot tubs may not get as much use, but regular maintenance makes setting your system up in the on-season much easier.   

Bioguard’s line of hot tub and pool cleaning supplies cover a wide range of concerns, including algae buildup, off-season cleaners, and deep cleaning supplies. Their wide line also includes regular maintenance products such as pool shock and general sanitizing tablets. 

 Enjoy a Relaxing Clean 

Nothing compares to the peace of mind of a clean hot tub or spa system. It allows you to get a deeper sense of relaxation, without too much hassle. By determining your needs, you are one step closer to the relaxation of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more, and get pricing on any of our products.  

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