Verona Hybrid Sauna Dealer Participates in Relationship Wellness Month

“There are many different types of relationships in people’s lives: family relationships, friendships and work relationships,” Fred Bachmann, President of Bachmann Pools and Spas. Over time, however, those initial attractants begin to fade, and relationships suffer if people do not take the time to keep them strong.

Here are three ways people can keep the important relationships in their lives healthy and strong.

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Communication Should Be a Two-Way Street – Most of the time, maintaining good lines of communication, and addressing issues right at the start before they get out of hand, makes it easier to solve problems quickly and fairly. In resolving issues, always try to find the common ground that both sides can feel good about. Avoiding communication or arguments to keep a peace that doesn’t really exist only allows anger to build.

Make a List – Sometimes the reasons people love or like each other get lost in the hustle of daily life. When frustrations or angers build, sit down and make a list of the things that were attractive about the other person to begin with to regain the appreciation and love that started the whole relationship in the first place.

Have a Sauna Party for Two – Keep any relationship strong by enjoying fun times in a festive environment. Saunas are perfect for providing a relaxing, fun atmosphere that is perfect for spending time together with friends and family. The soothing, calm environment that a sauna creates makes a great place for communication, long talks and even hashing out issues that need to be resolved to keep a relationship strong.

To encourage residents to check out the benefits of owning their own sauna, hot tub or swim spa, Bachmann’s will be providing free test soaks for the entire month. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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