Using Hot Tub Cooling to Keep it Cool This Summer

 Spending time in a hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind, but in warmer seasons, the heat of the water might be too much. That’s why we offer the ​​Cool Zone™, the hot tub cooling system that allows you to enjoy your spa both at warm and cool temperatures. 

Benefits of a Cool Hot Tub 

Hot tubs are a wonderful way to warm up on a cool evening, or in cold climates like Canada where “hot tub hair contests” are a fun activity. Though, in warmer areas, hot tubs often go unused during periods of the year. Cool Zone™ allows you to transform your hot tub into a cool, relaxing space to use on a hot summer day.  

While we also offer swim spas for your fitness needs, Cool Zone™ can be a wonderful tool for athletes, due to the benefits of cold water after exercise. Similar to professional athletes taking ice baths on a regular basis, using the cold water of Cool Zone™ can reduce muscle soreness and lower your perceived exertion during your workout, helping you to stay on top of your fitness goals and feel better overall after exercising. Cold water also has other health benefits such as improving your circulation and boosting your immune system.  

Summer Fun for Kids 

No kid wants to be cooped up inside on a beautiful day because of the heat, so for grandparents and families with small children, having an at-home option to beat the summer heat is wonderful. With the smaller area of the hot tub, as well as the privacy of a personal system, it’s easy for guardians to keep an eye on children playing, while also letting them burn off some energy and stay cool. Of course, the benefit of a cold hot tub doesn’t stop there. Adults can also enjoy the benefits of cooling off on a summer day right in their home, rather than walking or driving to a community pool.  

Beat the Heat 

Spending your days by a pool or on the beach is a great way to beat the summer heat, but isn’t always convenient. Having a cool hangout area in your backyard makes it simple and easy to spend your days outside without overheating! The Cool Zone™ technology is unique in its ability to transform your hot tub from a cozy, toasty area into cold, refreshing space, and vice versa. It’s perfect for whichever option fits your mood. Give us a call and cool off this summer with the Cool Zone™ Hot Tub Cooling System! 

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