Uniquely Shaped Freeflow® Hot Tubs

There’s no need to settle for a traditional hot tub when you can choose from various unique designs. Check out these high-quality Freeflow® hot tubs.


The Cascina Sport hot tub comfortably seats four people and offers a deeper soaking experience than many similarly sized hot tubs. The jets are perfectly positioned to massage your entire back and relieve tension. This tub has a built-in waterfall feature and an underwater LED lighting system to create a soothing spa experience. A great feature of the Cascina hot tub is that it has a plug-and-play capability. Simply plug the tub into any 110v outlet, kick back, and relax. 

Our special manufacturing produces a uni-body hot tub shell, which is extremely durable and eliminates the need for internal support frames. This model is very affordable and comes in two beautiful colors: sand and taupe. 


The Tristar hot tub has a triangular shape that makes it perfect for fitting into corners and tight spaces. The two seats are lined with seventeen strategically placed jets, including wrist jets, for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. This tub features full-foam insulation which maximizes efficiency and saves on energy costs. The plug-and-play capability allows for easy setup and does not require any hard wiring. If you ever need to relocate your spa, you can unplug it, move the tub, and plug it right back in to resume your experience. The Tristar tub is extremely durable and built to last.


For compact spaces, we offer the Mini Sport hot tub that seats two adults. The tub will fit on almost any balcony, patio, or deck and is very easy to relocate. The rectangular shape of this tub allows you to lounge side-by-side with a partner to enjoy the ten surrounding jets. A removable accessory tray is included for drinks, laptops, reading, or any other surface activity. Weighing in at only 250 lbs without water, this tub is very portable and ready to plug in wherever you need to relax.

Azure™ Premier

With a full list of features, the Azure Premier hot tub is a great choice for the entire family. The deep and spacious interior provides a comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. Some of the features include a synthetic wood exterior cabinet, contoured pillows, and interior and exterior LED lights. You have the choice of multiple color combinations for this tub, offering a fully customizable aesthetic. There is a molded-in ice bucket that makes it easy to keep drinks cold and accessible. The kids will enjoy the waterfall feature and the range of LED colors to illuminate the area. This tub supports the plug-n-play action as well, which makes installation and maintenance simple.

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