Two Person Spas That Will Truly Transform Your Valentine’s Day

A hot tub sets the stage for a romantic and unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration! What better way to create relaxing and luxurious moments than by indulging in the comfort of a two-person spa?

Let’s explore three of our intimate hot tubs, which are perfect for couples. These two-person spas will make your Valentine’s Day a truly magical experience.


Freeflow Mini™

Meet the Mini™ from the Freeflow Sport Series, the perfect two-person hot tub that redefines intimacy and relaxation. Compact and affordable, this spa is an oasis for couples seeking a private retreat.


Whether placed on a balcony, patio, or master bedroom deck, the Mini Sport transforms a small space into a romantic getaway. The lounge seat and side-by-side seating options, plus 10 strategically placed jets, ensure a customized and blissful experience.


With its compact dimensions and lightweight design (only 250 lbs. without water), this spa is ideal for renters or those planning to move. Plug-N-Play technology simplifies the setup—just fill it, plug it into a standard outlet, and unwind.


The Mini Sport, complete with a thermal lock-in cover, invites couples to create lasting memories in a hot tub designed for both romance and practicality.


Hotspring® TX

Introducing the TX from the Hot Spot® Collection, a two-person spa designed with couples in mind. Its unique shape and compact size make it an ideal fit for intimate spaces, providing both comfort and versatility.

The TX boasts an array of customizable hydrotherapy features, including directional HydroMassage Jets, Directional Precision® Jets, Rotary HydroMassage Jet, and the patented Moto-Massage® Jet, ensuring an invigorating experience from neck to toes.

Beautify your space with its eye-catching finishes, LED lighting, metallic corners, and on-trend design, featuring a large bartop, contoured seating, and integrated pillows for a unique and stylish aesthetic. Elevate your moments of connection and relaxation with the TX.


Freeflow Tristar™

The Tristar™ from the Freeflow Sport Series is a two-person hot tub crafted for couples seeking the perfect blend of convenience and luxury. Its unique triangular shape makes it an ideal fit for corners and tight spaces. The 17 strategically placed jets, including wrist jets, create a rejuvenating and refreshing experience for you and your partner.

The Tristar’s full-foam insulation enhances energy efficiency, and its Plug-N-Play technology eliminates the need for electrical hard-wiring, requiring only a standard 110v outlet for setup.

With ample space for two adults, this spa is perfect for intimate moments, providing the ultimate oasis for connection and relaxation. Complete with a thermal locking cover, the Tristar promises to transform your tight spaces into a haven of comfort and indulgence.


Pick a Hot Tub for Two


Elevate your Valentine’s Day this year with an intimate and luxurious hot tub.



Whether you choose the compact and portable Mini™ for intimate spaces, the customizable hydrotherapy experience of the TX, or the versatile Tristar™, each spa promises a blend of opulence and relaxation. To make your hot tub dreams a reality, contact us today!