Treat Yourself to a Warm, Comforting Christmas With a New Hot Tub

As the festive season draws near, there’s no better way to elevate your holiday experience than by treating yourself to the soothing embrace of a hot tub. Imagine unwinding in the warmth while surrounded by twinkling lights and the crisp air of the holiday season.

Not sure which hot tub would be the most merrymaking for you and yours? Let’s discuss the features of three standout hot tub options from Bachmanns – the Prism, Sovereign, and SX models.

Spotlight on the Prism

Prism hot tubs are part of our Hot Spring® Limelight® Collection.

They offer a spacious and luxurious experience for up to seven adults. The tub includes a relaxing lounge and an Adirondack-style seat with wrist, calf, and foot therapy jets. The footwell features a powerful, extra-large jet for enhanced foot and leg massage, along with precision directional jets in the corner and side seats.

The Limelight® Collection focuses on both aesthetics and comfort, featuring comfortable seats with a variety of jets, including targeted Precision jets and combination jets for soothing larger muscles. The combination XL jets offer a broad and robust massage, adjustable to provide a direct stream or rotating massage.

The Prism Jet System boasts 73 jets designed to relieve tension in specific areas such as the back, neck, and feet. The spa’s powerful jets provide a comprehensive massage from shoulders to toes.

Prism hot tubs, like all Hot Spring® spas, incorporate Energy Smart® features, ensuring that the spa delivers optimal value over time.


Save Space with the Sovereign


Our Sovereign hot tub is designed to fit into tighter spaces with its rectangular shape. The tub features five seats, including a lounge with the Moto-Massage® DX jet and two luxurious corner seats.


The hot tub is equipped with a total of 32 jets in the Sovereign Jet System, providing targeted relief in areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, and calves. The Sovereign promises a back massage like no other – delivering a legendary Hot Spring massage experience with personalized control.


One-of-a-kind SX Experience


The SX hot tub is a compact three-seat spa designed for smaller patios and decks. It features an exclusive Moto-Massage® jet and adjustable Precision® jets, providing a unique and energizing experience.


With 18 jets in total, the SX is carefully designed to soothe and target muscle groups from the neck to the toes. The spa offers a complete hydrotherapy experience with precision-engineered elements for the ultimate massage.


The ergonomically designed shells conform to the body’s contours, positioning users to maximize the benefits of Hot Spring’s legendary hydromassage systems. The result is an energizing and inspiring experience, leaving users ready to be their best.


Get Yours Today


This holiday season, create cherished memories with loved ones while basking in the warmth and comfort of a new hot tub.


Whether you opt for the luxurious Prism™, the elegant Sovereign®, or the compact yet lavish SX model, Bachmanns offers a range of options to suit your preferences. Contact us today and embrace the spirit of the season with the gift of relaxation and luxury.