Time for a Hot Tub Trade-In?

If you have an old hot tub unit, you may be paying for a lot of maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading to a new one and enjoying the benefits of the latest hot tub technology without getting bombarded with constant maintenance concerns. 

Signs You Need a New Hot Tub

A quality hot tub should last at least 15 years if maintained correctly. If your tub is older than that, you should consider trading it in for a new one. The technology in the newer tubs is much more efficient and can save you money. 

Another way to tell if your hot tub needs replacing is if you are constantly having to repair it. Parts wear down over time and require replacement for the system to work properly. If your hot tub is breaking down frequently or the repairs aren’t fixing it, it is time to trade it in.

A tell-tale sign that your hot tub needs replacement is when your utility bills are noticeably higher than before. A 15-year-old tub is not going to insulate as well as a new one will. Linings and covers will wear down especially if kept out in the elements. When the heat escapes the tub it will run up your energy bills and be extremely inefficient. 

It can be frustrating dealing with internal issues in your spa, especially leaks. If leaks are left untreated for too long, it can lead to damage to other components in the tub. The repair costs for leaks are costly and they don’t always fix the root of the problem. Therefore, it’s a great idea to trade in your tub if there is substantial leaking.

All other reasons that indicate a hot tub needs replacement would be physical features of the tub such as broken jets, vents, filter components, or peeling of the outer tub. 

Benefits of Trading in Your Hot Tub

Other than having a hot tub that works, there are a lot of other benefits when you trade in your tub. The newest spas are equipped with so many features that will amaze you. You can upgrade to get a hot tub with beautiful lighting, amazing surround sound speakers, and luxurious fountains of water. New tubs have advanced jets that offer maximum comfort and relaxation. Not to mention the new spas are very stylish and can provide a nice touch to the backyard or deck.  

One of the most appealing qualities of a new hot tub for the budget-conscious is cost efficiency. Equipment is becoming more advanced and takes much less energy to run the tubs. They have the best insulation and are built with parts that are going to last a long time. Saving on your monthly utility bill will add up and essentially help you pay for the cost of your upgrade. 

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