The Most Stunning Hot Tubs For Decks

When you purchase a new hot tub, you want it to fit seamlessly into the landscape and architecture of your backyard. Hot tubs can help take your deck to the next level and essentially create an extra room, or extension of your home, to spend time in! No matter if you’re hosting another family, entertaining clients or just spending time with your loved one – a hot tub paired with your deck is sure to impress. The best part is that a lot of hot tubs have customizable features, so you don’t have to worry about your hot tub blending into your deck scheme! We have three options below for different size decks – so there’s an option out there for everyone.

Small Decks

For a small deck, we suggest the Highlife Jetsetter. The Jetsetter can be flexible in tight spaces, especially urban backyards, and you won’t have to sacrifice luxury or appeal! The tub seats three and has plenty of space for all soakers to spread out. Some of its features include durable Everwood siding that comes in three different colors. You also can pick between four shell color options – so you can find the perfect match! Plus, enjoy ultimate relaxation with the Jetsetter’s ribbon waterfall feature.

Medium Decks

For medium sized decks, we suggest looking at the Limelight Beam. As one of the most popular models, you are guaranteed a sleek look that can fit effortlessly into almost any type of deck. The Limelight seats four comfortably and also offers incredible features. You still have color options for both the wood and shell as well as 30 multi-colored points of light to set the mood. This model is dazzling, and we find it the perfect choice for narrow patios and decks!

Large Decks

The Highlife Grandee is the model we suggest for large decks. It is absolutely stunning and can entertain larger numbers of up to seven! If you have the space, we think investing in the Grandee is the way to go. This tub has 43 therapeutic jets and plenty of style options to mesh with any home décor.

The models we sell are engineered to perfection. We can find the right fit for any size or style of decks and patios! Contact or visit us today at Bachmann’s Pools Spas and Saunas for more information on what hot tub you and your family should purchase.

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