The Importance of Water Testing

Maintaining the water quality of your spa is essential to keep you and your guests safe. Here are some solutions for a healthy hot tub.

Health and Safety

Using chemicals in spa water is essential for making it a safe environment for guests. Consistent testing is needed to maintain the chemical balance of the water and prevent the growth of bacteria. 

A poorly sanitized spa will promote the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which can cause skin irritation and other bodily discomforts. To make water testing simpler, you can dip test strips into your spa that will tell you exactly what chemicals are needed to return it to a proper balance.

Spa Protection

When water is not properly maintained, it harms the functionality of your spa. High levels of chemicals or minerals can cause corrosion or damage to the water pump and other internal equipment. 

If the water quality is neglected for too long, it will cause damage that is expensive to have repaired. Therefore, testing your water quality is a great way to improve the longevity of your tub and save you from expensive repair costs.


Spa water that is visually dirty or discolored can take away from the spa experience. It’s important to keep your water clean and clear for the maximum comfort of you and your guests. Chemical imbalances can also cause pungent odors, which are a big turn-off during your time of relaxation. 

Let’s talk about some solutions for your water care.

Water Treatment Solutions

Fortunately, there are many water treatment packages out there that can simplify the process and make water maintenance easier for spa owners. At Bachman’s Pool and Spa, we offer a variety of water treatment packages to suit the needs of every customer. We have chlorine-free and bromine-free options to reduce skin and eye irritation and limit the chemical odor of the water. 

All of our packages offer a full range of chemicals needed for water maintenance, and you can easily order individual products to replenish frequently used chemicals. Every package has its own benefits, so it’s best to read the details of each one before making your purchase. The benefits to look out for are sanitation, water clarity, odor reduction, and water softness.

Free Water Analysis

If you are ready to take the next step toward improving the quality of your spa water, consider our free water analysis. Take one minute to fill out this form, collect a water sample, then stop by our showroom at any time for your free analysis. 

Once we receive your sample, we’ll set aside private time to get your water professionally tested. If you have any other questions about water testing or our product packages, contact us today for more information.