Tips for Romance Awareness Month, Swim Spas Verona

Bachmann Pools and Spas selling new and used hot tubs, swim spas, pools and saunas in the greater Verona, WI area publishes “3 Easy Ways to Increase Romance.”

“While keeping relationships strong does take work, it doesn’t have to be hard. There are a lot of little ways people can increase the romance in their lives without changing their ways of life or spending a fortune,” said Fred Bachmann, President of Bachmann Pools and Spas.

Here are three easy ways to increase the romance in a relationship.

Add Romance to the Home with a Bubbling Swim Spa or Hot Tub – Adding a swim spa or hot tub to the yard is a great way to increase the romance at home. There’s something about a luxurious hot tub that makes spending time together more fun and romantic. Portable spas are easy to set up and take just a few minutes to get warm, bubbly and relaxing.

Send Out a Little Love Note – People can let their partners know they are always being thought about by sending them little love letters at unexpected times. Put a little “I Love You” note in their briefcase, a coat pocket or even on a steering wheel so they see it when they get in the car to leave.

Be More Expressive – Affection doesn’t need to be extreme to be effective. The simple act of holding hands, a wink from across a crowded room, or putting an arm around a partner’s shoulder while walking down the street will add easy romance to any situation.

To encourage residents to check out the benefits of owning their own swim spa or hot tub, Bachmann’s will be providing free test soaks for the entire month. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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