Stay Cool While Getting in Shape

Endless Pool® Systems Help You Stay Fit

There is no feeling like basking in the sun while hanging out in a personal spa. But if you want to get in shape and stay cool this season, our Endless Pool® fitness systems could be the perfect fit!

Let’s explore the benefits of our fitness systems.


E2000 Endless Pool® Fitness System

For those wanting full control over their fitness journey, we’d recommend the E2000 Endless Pool Fitness System. You can set the temperatures of both the spa’s fitness atmospheres to control the difficulty of your exercises.

The system includes dual-purpose hydromassage jets that massage muscles and encourage blood circulation. Not only will you recover quickly from workouts, but you will feel at ease. The relaxing elements of this spa are the three waterfall features that make you feel as if you’ve traveled to a true oasis.


E700 Endless Pool® Fitness System

The E700 Endless Pool Fitness System is not made for just any ordinary activity lover. It’s made for those yearning for a full-body workout. The 2,150-gallon water capacity and equipment options, like the aquatic bike or a treadmill, provide versatility. You’ll be pumped and ready for any workout!

At the same time, this system lowers stress by keeping the family entertained. The Bluetooth speakers let you watch a good movie or tune into background music. The good mood can continue with the 20 multi-color LED lights that set the relaxing ambiance.


E550 Endless Pool® Fitness System

Bigger is always better when it comes to fitness systems! Therefore, we offer the E550 Endless Pool® Fitness System with a 94-inch width and a water capacity of 2,390 gallons for a larger workout space. If you want to complete full-breath strokes, you’ll have no problem with the E550!

This fitness system also lets you cool down and prepares your body for sleep. The drastic switch in your body temperature signals the body for rest. You’ll feel better and have plenty of energy for the busy week ahead.

The statement ‘bigger is better’ continues to be true. However, if you’re looking to save space, look into the last amazing fitness system.


E500 Endless Pool® Fitness System

The E500 Endless Pool® Fitness System is recommended for an aesthetic and affordable fitness system. This compact fitness system with sleek stainless steel rails gives you room for exercise. The best part is its current and hydraulic power, which offer exciting swimming sessions.

The dark mocha and gray cabinet color options are warm and bound to look good in any backyard. These colors even hide distress marks, allowing for some wear and tear. So, you’ll save time and money from avoidable purchases for touch-up paint.

Ready to start your fitness journey? Well, then, it’s time to contact us. We will gladly help you find the perfect Endless Pool® Fitness System.