Helo Visage Glass Corner

The particularly balanced and light aspen wood and large glass surfaces turn the VISAGE Glass Corner into the sauna of your dreams: a dream that is easy for you to fulfill.

This designer wood panel sauna will have you going back again and again to relax and feel good. Everything is bright and transparent: from the exterior design and its large glass front, complemented by a stylish, frameless glass corner, through to the attractive interior design, which also consists of high quality aspen wood.


72 mm wall thickness

The wall and roof sections of the VISAGE Glass Corner have a thickness of 72 mm and contain rock wool to insulate and create a professional vapour barrier, which in turn is effective in preventing moist air escaping from the sauna. This sauna design is particularly energy-efficient, making it well suited for regular use. The cabin’s two visible exterior sides are covered with 12 mm thick timber, as is the interior. The vertical alignment of the timber sections underscores the modern aesthetics of this designer sauna.

Snug comfort zone

The interior of the VISAGE Glass Corner is inviting and radiates cosiness. The comfortable benches have a width of 500 or 600 mm, depending on the size of the cabin. All interior design elements, including the backrest, heater shield and head rests, are made from the same light aspen wood as the wall and roof sections. The no-threshold glass door is an important comfort feature, which offers added security not only for children and the elderly, but for everyone entering or exiting the cabin.

Better heating

The technical heating specifications for the VISAGE Glass Corner change depending on the size of the cabin. The FONDA 8 kW boasts both a high output and a harmonious design and ensures that the quality of your time in the cabin is pleasant. 20 kg of sauna stones ensure relaxing infusions. The heater’s settings can be easily managed using the Helo T1 touchpad sauna control. The stylish HAVANNA 9 kW heater with an adjustable stone basket for 20, 28 and 35 kg of sauna stones delivers slightly higher performance, making it a standard feature for cabins with larger layouts. The HAVANNA is also easy to operate, thanks to the MIDI sauna control with digital display which is included in the scope of delivery.

Faster assembly

Everything is prepared to allow you to use your sauna without delay. The prefabricated sections for walls and roofs fit together precisely, so that assembling the VISAGE Glass Corner can be done quickly and safely. The glass corner section, which sits flush with the glass front thanks to a frameless glass-to-glass connection, rests on an almost invisible ground rail made from aluminium, and is also easy to assemble.