Helo Visage Flex

The VISAGE flex sauna concept is unsurpassed in terms of versatility and flexibility.

Choose your dream sauna from a range of different layouts with a front facing or space-saving corner entrance. Depending on personal taste you can choose from different wood types such as rustic Nordic spruce or light, knot-free and elegant aspen. The modern design of the VISAGE flex is rounded off by the no-threshold all-glass door, made from clear safety glass. A perfect sauna for the whole family.


Energy-efficient sauna design

The walls of this modern wood panel sauna cabin have a thickness of 72 mm. On the inside a layer of rock wool and a professional vapour barrier ensure the highest level of energy efficiency. On the two visible sides of the cabin’s exterior as well as on the inside, the sauna walls are covered with 12 mm timber sections made using spruce or aspen, which help create the modern design of the VISAGE flex with their vertical lines. Thanks to its panel design, this sauna can be assembled easily, quickly and safely.

Fully fitted

The scope of delivery for the VISAGE flex includes full interior fittings. Depending on the size of the sauna, this includes either two or three benches which are 500 mm or 600 mm wide respectively, as well as a backrest, two headrests, a heater shield and a sauna lamp. The bright interior created using high-quality sauna wood makes each and every visit to the sauna a welcoming and relaxing experience.

Powerful heating technology

The Helo CUP sauna heater in chrome, which is included in the delivery and has 8 or 9 kW of heating power depending on the sauna layout, ensures that you will feel great from the word go in your VISAGE flex. The sauna stone basket of the CUP in chrome can hold 20 kg of sauna stones, which sustainably retain heat and create sizzling, steaming infusions. The sauna stones as well as a functional silicone cable set are, of course, included in the delivery.

Straightforward control

All the functions of the sauna heater can be preselected using the ultramodern digital KH 5 sauna control. Choosing the desired temperature and pre-set time up to 24 hours in advance is child’s play. You can also limit the heater’s running time, which is then automatically switched off after six hours for safety reasons. The KH 5 also gives the option of switching the sauna’s interior lighting on or off. The sauna control is designed to be mounted to the external wall of the cabin.

Comprehensive accessories

Helo has numerous options available for tailoring your VISAGE flex to your personal needs, ranging from the various ergonomic interior design features through to LED backrest lighting sets and decorative back walls made from rustic quarry stone or transparent salt block. The combi sauna heater provides additional comfort, and can be used for organic, steam or infusion saunas, in addition to the classic Finnish dry sauna.