Helo Léger

Exceptional design elements.

Exceptional design elements give a unique look to the LÉGER, which is the perfect addition to your exclusive home or pool area. The glass frontage with its solid wood framework made of dark thermo-treated beech gives the illusion of the luxury Supreme interior of the sauna floating in mid-air, creating a laid-back French feel. This makes the LÉGER sauna cabin the perfect wellness centre for the whole family.


Contrasting design elements

In the LÉGER sauna cabin, premium design and top-quality materials come together to form an aesthetic combination that makes every visit to the sauna a wonderful experience. The light aspen interior contrasts nicely with the outer side of the sauna, which, along with the solid door, is clad in high-gloss black varnished glass. This is the first time that Helo has used varnished glass in its saunas.

Three standard widths

The LÉGER comes in three standard widths. All you need to do is choose a width then combine it with your desired depth (in 11.6 cm sections) to create your dream sauna. Your Helo supplier will be happy to provide you with any assistance or guidance you may need.


Benches and backrests made of aspen wood and fitted with specially-designed cushions invite you to relax and switch off.

Solid wood

In the LÉGER sauna cabin, 58 mm solid wood panelling made of low-knot pine ensures the perfect climate within the sauna and helps to avoid sharp changes in temperature.

The striking framework

The striking framework made of dark thermo-treated beech acts as a handy rack for your sauna accessories, both inside and outside.