Helo Finesse

FINESSE is a high concept series of sauna cabins

FINESSE is a high concept series of sauna cabins emphasising quality design and precision craftwork. The spruce used in our FINESSE configurations is toughened by its Nordic origins—making it ideal for withstanding high temperatures. Natural good looks and quality design, available in three unique interpretations, lets you recreate the genuine sauna experience in a modern and highly appealing way.



Good things come in threes

FINESSE is available to you in three intelligent and highly aesthetic configurations. Princess adds elegance with its seven corner rounding. Royal includes a multi-layer interior and thoughtful outer cabin features such as shelving and robe-hanging space. Relax has depth and comfort to spare with its inverted cone layout.

Interconnected log structure

Wood naturally reacts to temperature and humidity changes. The tension and movement creates massive forces that might normally cause wood to break. Our unique interconnected log structure neutralises these forces.


Each design includes head rests, duck board, heater guard rail, back rests, bench aprons, light
units and wiring cable—everything you need.

Part of the beauty

Part of the beauty that is FINESSE is that it can be sized in 11 cm increments and laid out in so many distinct ways.


Extra roomy benches in either 50 or 60 cm, depending on the chosen configuration.

Massive log sauna

Massive log saunas in 58 mm natural wood planks are easy to assemble, beautiful to look at and able to withstand the internal tensions created by heat and humidity.

External height

Lots of headroom with an external height of 202 cm.

Nordic spruce construction

Quality Nordic spruce construction combined with glass doors and specialty windows create a traditional yet unique look.