Helo Cisage

A sauna built from massive log panelling is the epitome of sauna construction.

The modern interpretation of a massive log sauna with expansive glass front sections and a no-threshold glass door combines genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment with an optimal feeling of space. Clear lines and light wood ensure that any feeling of confinement is avoided. The CISAGE 44 mm massive log panelling sauna fits this ideal of a contemporary sauna, making it perfect for the whole family.


Complete interior design

Practical for getting started with the CISAGE straightaway – all the important equipment for getting started is included in the delivery: sauna benches, a practical partition wall cladding, back and headrests and, of course, a heater shield. Even the indirect ambient lighting is included, which when hidden behind a light screen on the back wall generates soft, gentle light.

Suitable for wet rooms

The glass components of the CISAGE are securely positioned in an aluminium frame ensuring additional stability and sealing at the same time. This means that the stylish wood panel sauna is also well suited for assembly in a wet room.

Deep black

The modern HAVANNA sauna heater from Helo is also delivered as standard. With its stylish, deep black design and beautifully rounded edges, this sauna heater is a real eye-catcher. And with a steam vent and 3-level stone grate for 20, 28 or 35 kg of sauna stones, it creates the best conditions for gentle sauna heat throughout. The technical package is rounded off with a silicone cable set and Midi digital control panel.

Six layouts

Each CISAGE model – whether you choose the variant with a glass front or that with an additional glass corner – comes in six different sizes. This means that you have a number of diverse possibilities open to you when it comes to positioning this modern wood panel sauna in your house or apartment.

Focus on the natural

Traditional wood panelling made from selected woods such as Nordic spruce, which is famed for its special heat retention properties, ensures a pleasantly mild release of warmth. This is how the CISAGE creates that authentic Finnish sauna feeling without the need for other insulating materials. You can enjoy complete relaxation and a feeling of well-being every time you visit the sauna, simply with the power of nature.

A concept with two designs

The elegant appearance of the CISAGE utilises the contrast between wood and glass surfaces, as demonstrated by the model variant equipped with an all-glass front. The addition of a glass corner in the CISAGE means an even more positive spatial sensation during your time in the sauna. This accentuates its light and open character, giving the sauna a transparent and stylish ambience.

Straightforward assembly

Assembling the CISAGE is straightforward and safe thanks to its superior design. Solid wood panelling is pre-assembled into parts, which can be put together without any problem. A precise and custom fit – without visible screws. This makes the transparent design even more stunning.