Our Simple Guide To Opening Your Hot Tub For The Season

The start of the hot tub season is always thrilling! It heralds the arrival of warmer weather and promises many relaxing moments in your spa. If this is your first time getting your hot tub ready for the season, don’t worry—the professionals at Bachmann’s Pools and Spas are here to support you. This guide will detail the necessary steps to open your hot tub, ensuring you can begin enjoying it as soon as possible.

Remove the Cover

Utilize a hot tub cover lifter or the assistance of a friend to remove the hot tub cover and place it to the side. Prior to storage, meticulously clean any debris from the cover’s surface and conduct a thorough inspection for damage, mold, or any other potential issues.

Drain and Clean

Begin by draining your hot tub using a garden hose, ensuring all water is completely removed. After draining, employ a sponge or cloth paired with an acrylic cleaner to meticulously clean the walls and floor. This step is crucial for eliminating any accumulated dirt, debris, or residues from the off-season.

Be mindful that soap-based cleaners can harm the hot tub’s shell and may leave behind residues, resulting in bubbly water once the spa is refilled.

Clean and Replace Filters

Take out your spa filters and meticulously clean them with a specialized spa filter cleaner. Afterward, rinse them thoroughly with water and let them air dry completely before reinserting them into the hot tub. Should your filters appear aged or worn out, consider replacing them with new ones for optimal performance.

Refill the Hot Tub

Utilize your garden hose to fill your hot tub with fresh water, ensuring you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the appropriate water level and the correct method for chemical balance.

Balance the Chemicals

Ensuring the pH and chemical balance in your hot tub is crucial before use. Employ test strips or a kit to monitor these levels and adjust with chemicals as necessary. Adhere meticulously to the product guidelines for accurate dosing and mandatory waiting periods prior to enjoying your hot tub.

Let the Water Circulate

To guarantee that all chemicals are fully integrated and the water achieves proper balance, it is essential to let your hot tub operate and circulate for a minimum of 30 minutes. Doing so will also aid in filtering out any lingering debris or residue, ensuring a clean and inviting environment.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub!

Once your hot tub has been thoroughly cleaned and its chemical balance perfected, it’s time to enjoy the many benefits that a hot tub has to offer! 

Starting up your hot tub for the season might seem challenging at first, but we assure you that following these guidelines will simplify the process and guarantee a clean and delightful experience with every use. Should you have any questions, our expert team is on hand to provide detailed advice on hot tub maintenance and care.