Make Springtime Even Better With a Hot Tub

The spring season is upon us! The spring season brings in hotter temperatures, making it more fun to get outdoors. 

The Rasmussen Reports found that 33% of Americans prefer the season of spring, while 29% prefer the summertime. With the temperature change and the plethora of options available to attend or host events, this statistic is no surprise. Enhance opportunities to create long-lasting memories with a personal spa. 

While personal spas can be an investment, they have many benefits that are difficult to ignore. Three benefits of a personal spa include spending more time with others, pain relief, and weight loss. 

Spending Time with Family and Friends

Spending time with your family is important for improving your mental health and relationships. Let’s make this easier to achieve with roomy personal spas that allow for ample time spent together. If this is what you’re looking for, Bachmanns Pool & Spa has the perfect Limelight collection to meet your needs. 

With crisp, clean lines, and colorful mood brilliance, the Limelight Collection spa is unique. Best-in-class countenance and fabulous hot spring opportunities make these spas special.

Additionally, take advantage of contemporary water care benefits such as the legendary Hot Spring Massage, Energy Smart® features, and the FreshWater® salt system. It’s the easiest way to keep your water clean and fresh for a year’s time.

Pain Relief

About one in five Americans suffer from chronic pain, according to researchers Yong, Mullins, and Bhattacharyya and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Chronic pain is associated with a decrease in quality of life and economic freedom. However, what if personal spas could help you cope with chronic pain? 

Personal spas can provide heat to parts of the body that are struggling, reducing pain and inflammation. Fibromyalgia is one chronic illness that causes widespread muscle pain, weakened memory, and sleeping problems. Personal spas provide a warm hydrotherapy solution allowing for the body’s muscles to relax and recover. 

Weight Loss

Did you know that personal spas can help you burn off calories, encouraging weight loss? Weight loss is a goal of many people, and we love to see that hot tubs can assist with a client’s goals. In some cases, considering Steve Faulkner’s findings, sitting in hot water for an hour can burn off 140 calories. 

Additionally, personal spas can improve one’s diabetes and arthritis conditions, which may stand in the way of weight loss progress. 

Find the Perfect Hot Tub

Worried about how to find the best hot tub that meets your needs? Contact Bachmanns Pool & Spa today for assistance that’ll make this a smooth, easy process. We can provide you with all the information to then make the best, most well-informed decision.