How to Use Aromatherapy in Your Hot Tub

A hot tub provides an experience for all your senses. You feel the warm waters and massaging jets, see the outdoor landscape and bubbles, and listen to the waterfall features. This all adds up to create the perfect night! By adding aromatherapy, you can also incorporate your smell to the spa treatment. Aromatherapy adds soothing scents with possible therapeutic effects into your soak.


It is important that you proceed with care as essential oils can sometimes be misused in hot tubs. Using aromatherapy will take certain considerations, but it is an addition that is sure to provide ultimate levels of relaxation! There are options available to safely mix aromatherapy with your sparkling clean waters. One tip to always remember is that it is best to only use products and accessories specifically designated for use in a hot tub.


There are plenty of hot tub aromatherapy products that are safe to use in your spa. These can come in a variety of fragrances and forms. Some of which include hot tub aromatherapy crystals, liquids, salts and capsules. Us at Bachmann’s Pools, Spas and Saunas can also help you pick out the best and safest option for your at-home use!


Unlike essential oils or other homemade aromatherapy products, hot tub scent blends are designed to create a relaxing experience for your senses that also utilizes your hot tub’s performance features. By following the instructions on the bottle, you can add a capful or less of the granule to your spa’s filters and enjoy soothing waters without having to worry about damaging your hot tub.


Like we mentioned, you can always stop in our store or call us to learn more about the safest aromatherapy products for your hot tub! At Bachmann’s, we are here to help you take your senses to the next level in our spas.

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