How to Create a Romantic Hot Tub Experience

In honor of the most romantic month of the year (February), it’s time to relax with your loved one on a personal getaway. You don’t have to book a fancy hotel on a tropical island to experience a romantic vacation. This year, remove all the pressures of traveling by creating a beautiful and intimate date at home. It’s time to light a candle, listen to some soothing music, and relax within your own private spa. Here are 4 tips to transform your hot tub into the most romantic place on earth! 



Lighting has a huge effect on our mood, especially when it comes to romance. This month, try lighting up your backyard in a beautiful shining array of glitter! Check out this article with a few fantastic lighting ideas that are sure to add a spark of magic to your date night: How to Create a Romantic Mood with Outdoor Lighting. Our favorite option is to line your garden with string lights to create an enchanted wonderland aesthetic. Once you have all the lights arranged to your liking, have dinner under the stars and the dazzling lights from your garden. If you get cold, just jump in your hot tub and let the cozy lights create sparks between you and your partner. 



Chocolate may seem like an obvious choice but it’s a classic crowd-pleaser and symbol of romance. Instead of buying chocolate-covered cherries, be adventurous and make an irresistibly delectable chocolate cherry candy cake. If you’re looking for something easier to prepare, whip up a super simple raspberry white chocolate parfait. You’ll find that the citrusy bite of the raspberries pairs well with the silky chocolate mousse. Any handmade chocolate creation will show your thoughtfulness and consideration for your loved one. Plus, an indulgent treat looks beautiful and yummy beside your hot tub.



Tie your romantic night together with music to set the mood. While eating your tasty treats and enjoying the luxury of your hot tub, listen to the lovely sounds of heartfelt songs. We recommend Spotify’s Valentine’s Day Love playlist which includes romantic hits from across the decades. Simply pick a meaningful song that expresses your love and cuddle up to your favorite person in the world. You may not be a poet, but you can let the musings of a professional artist express just how you feel about your partner. 



Flowers are an age-old sign of appreciation and adoration. Knowing which flower arrangement to choose can be difficult, but this helpful article dives into some winning combinations: Choosing the Perfect Flowers. A nice addition to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers could be a handwritten note. Most partners are pleased with flowers but a personalized message will send them over the moon. You can also create a path of rose petals leading to your hot tub haven. No person can resist the sight of romantic petals pointing in the direction of your cozy oasis. 


Enjoy the Day 

You don’t have to travel far to melt the heart of your loved one! Stay home and create an intimate getaway for your partner. If you’re interested in adding any fun accessories to your hot tub that will up the romance factor, contact us today! 


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