Hot Tub Safety for Families With Children

For anyone with small children, it can be nerve-wrecking to have a hot tub near their playspace. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple precautions you can take to ensure that they’re safe and sound. Keep reading for some helpful guidance!


Invest in a Proper Cover

While every hot tub owner is strongly encouraged to purchase a quality cover for a number of reasons, this investment takes on a whole new level of importance for families with small children. Make sure to buy a sturdy covering that will keep your curious, and sometimes mischievous, little ones out of the water. If possible, find a cover that has a built-in locking mechanism that requires a key to open. If you’ve already bought a cover, you can also purchase a separate locking mechanism that will attach to it.


Fencing is Always a Plus

Out of an abundance of caution, you might want to install fencing around your new spa. A few things to consider are the height and quality of this new fencing. If it’s too short, there’s a chance your dare devil child might find their way over it, and if the quality is lacking, it might leave gaps for someone to sneak through. Another perk of installing a fence is that in addition to keeping your children safe, it will add an extra layer of privacy that will make your hot tub even more relaxing and tranquil. 


Temperature and Age Considerations

For any children under the age of 5, make sure to keep them out of the hot tub until they get older. With their smaller body sizes and poor communication skills, young children can quickly overheat and be unable to tell you about the discomfort they’re experiencing. If a child over the age of 5 would like to take a dip, make sure to change the temperature to 95 degrees or below and only let them stay in for 10 to 15 minutes chunks of time. In between soaks, they should take a few minutes worth of a break and rehydrate with cool, refreshing water or juice. 


Keep It Clean 

While this next step is applicable for users of all ages, it’s especially important if you plan on having your children enjoy the hot tub. It’s vital to keep the jets, filters, and vents clean and sanitary, in addition to balancing the chemicals on a regular basis. Without proper maintenance, guests can experience irritated skin, rashes, or infections. Since children have especially delicate skin and immune systems, they might be more susceptible to the effects of an unclean hot tub. By performing frequent cleanings, you’ll ensure your spa is a safe, comfortable space for everyone that you care about the most. 


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Are you interested in learning more about additional hot tub safety tips? Contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you. 

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