Hot Tub Health Risks: Truth or Myth?

Hot tubs are a fun and entertaining escape for everyone, but they can also come along with a plethora of misconceptions. We at Bachmanns Pools, Spas and Saunas are here to debunk these myths! People love hot tubs because of the benefits they provide for both health and wellness. Whether enhancing your sleep, relieving stress or massaging your muscles after a workout, there are plenty of advantages for each individual. For those worries about the potential health risks associated with owning a hot tub, here are a list of facts to decrease concern about these common worries.

Worry: You can catch a disease in a hot tub

Proper hot tub care and cleanliness are an easy fix for this concern. The chemicals used in cleaning both a chlorine-based system and saltwater care system are designed to kill most all harmful bacteria and fungus. A high-quality hot tub cover can also help decrease the risk of unwanted microorganisms gaining access to the water. Another helpful tip is to make sure that anyone who enters the hot tub showers before doing so.

Worry: You can fall and injure yourself with a hot tub

With any water-filled activity, safety is a main priority. Water building up outside of the hot tub is always a possibility, so it is important to remember to keep an eye on the area before walking around your spa. Be sure to use caution when walking around your hot tub to prevent any slips or falls on the wet surface. On the inside, most hot tubs are now equipped with slip-proof steps that help your feet stay planted underneath you. You may, however, want to consider investing in a handrail that can assist you in walking into the warm waters or around your tub.

Worry: You can get burned in a hot tub 

Modern hot tubs give you virtually no reason to worry about being burned while soaking in the water. Most spas come with a temperature reader that let you read the current temperature at any given moment. The healthy temperature range is anywhere between 101 and 102 degrees, but of course, this is based on personal preference. Some hot tubs are programmed to never exceed 104 degrees so getting burned doesn’t have to be a concern!

Worry: A hot tub is dangerous if you are pregnant

This concern is valid. The American Pregnancy Association doesn’t recommend hot tub use for those expecting because it can raise the body temperature to above 101 degrees. This increase in body temperature can ultimately lead to unwanted complications with the pregnancy.

Overall, there aren’t many myths to be worried about when enjoying your hot tub. With a regular cleaning schedule, durable cover, extra caution and safety – there are almost no concerns to be had! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new spa from Bachmanns Pools, Spas and Saunas!

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