Get Your Beach Body With Our Selection of Fitness Systems

With summer coming up fast, many people are looking for ways to get their beach bodies and we’ve got the perfect solution: one of our pool fitness systems. Let’s discuss a few of the systems that we know you’ll love! 

R500 RecSport® Recreation System

If versatility is your number one priority, we highly recommend checking out the R500 RecSport® Recreation System. In addition to being the perfect place to accomplish your fitness goals, this system is also built for fun. The unique design offers a wide-open space for performing a wide variety of exercises, including swimming, weight training, and low-impact movements. You can also easily fit an underwater treadmill or stationary bike in the space. While you’re exercising and getting your heart rate up, your loved ones can relax or play in the 30-inch deep reef area that’s equipped with hydromassage jets. There’s truly something for the whole family! 

E2000 Endless Pools® Fitness System

For anyone on the hunt for the ultimate luxury system, the E2000 Endless Pools® Fitness System is the ideal option. It delivers on all accounts, from functionality to design, and offers an endless series of features, such as powerful hydromassage jets, a convenient control system, built-in anchors for resistance training, and the list goes on. The swim current generator is easy to adjust and will deliver an unmatched workout experience to all swimmers, regardless of experience level. You can also incorporate a number of exercise machines, including an underwater treadmill or stationary bike. If you’re interested in tracking your workout and fitness progress, you can download the Endless Pools Fit@Home® App and access your data from any smartphone or tablet. Luxury has never been so functional. 

X500 SwimCross® Exercise System

This visually-stunning system, featuring a sleek acrylic shell and modern cabinet, offers the most rejuvenating, refreshing aquatic workout experience in the industry. Thanks to the powerful swim current generator and perfectly positioned hydromassage jets, you’ll enjoy a swim experience like no other. The settings are highly customizable so it delivers a great workout for anyone, regardless of whether you’re a beginner swimmer or an Olympic athlete. You can also incorporate a number of fitness accessories, such as a rowing machine or resistance bands, so that you can target different muscle groups. As an added bonus, this model includes a Tri-Thermic® barrier system containing three layers of insulation that help to conserve heat and lower your operating costs. 

Get Yours Today

Imagine being able to roll out of bed in the morning, slip on your bathing suit, and jump into the sparkling waters of your all-inclusive wellness system for the workout of a lifetime. Whether you choose to utilize one of our underwater treadmills, swim laps, or do aerobic exercises, you’ll start burning calories immediately and be one step closer to achieving the healthy, toned body of your dreams. 

If you need help determining which system is right for your lifestyle, contact us today and one of our team members will be happy to help. 

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