Fall Hot Tub Maintenance

What’s your favorite part about fall? Is it the vibrant orange and red leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, the cozy sweaters, or the cool, crisp air? For us, it’s taking a toasty soak in the hot tub with a mug of hot chocolate. With the cool weather on the way, it’s important to get your personal spa in tip-top shape so that it’s ready the next time you and your guests want to warm up. Here are a few steps you should take to maintain your hot tub this season!


It’s Time to Drain and Refill

Every three to four months, we recommend that you drain and change out the water in your hot tub. Especially after a long summer of frequent use, the water might start to look slightly cloudy or milky. In most cases, the reason for this change is due to a buildup of natural oils, lotions, sunscreen, and other substances that originate from you and your guests. You can solve this issue by taking a moment to check out the instruction manual of your particular model, and following the simple steps to drain and refill the water. This is an essential part of keeping your hot tub safe, fun, and healthy for everyone you love. 


Make Sure Your Cover is in Good Condition

One of the most beautiful parts about living in Wisconsin is watching the brightly colored leaves fall when the temperature starts to drop. The drawback? Fallen leaves can put a damper on your hot tub experience! To keep the water clear and leaf-free, make sure to always put the cover down when not in use. You should also do intermittent checks to assess the quality of your cover. Throughout the year, it might sustain damage since it’s sitting in the elements all day, every day. On the exterior, check to make sure there aren’t any holes, tears, or other signs of damage. You should also inspect the inside to check for mold, mildew, dirt buildup, and other signs that your cover might need some TLC. 


Turn Up the Heat

During the summer, many people decide to turn down the heat on their hot tubs. As the days get colder, this is a great time to increase the temperature. However, make sure to choose a temperature and stick with it throughout the whole season, since this will help you save on energy costs. There’s a misconception floating around that lowering the temperature when you’re not in the spa will help lower your monthly energy costs, but it’s actually more energy efficient to keep the temperature consistent. To hold in the heat, just make sure to close the hot tub cover when you hop out and you’ll be all good to go! 


Happy Fall

There’s something truly magical about the fall season and a hot tub is an ideal complement to these chilly days. We hope that you and your family enjoy this wonderful time of the year and spend many a night cozied up in the bubbling water of your personal oasis! Contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.




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