Enhance Your Life With an Endless Pool

Getting a productive swimming workout can mean a lot of back and forth for someone with a small backyard pool. Upgrade virtually any type of pool with our Fastlane system.

What is The Fastlane?

The Fastlane is a compact swimming machine that can be installed in virtually any pool. It releases powerful and smooth currents through the water creating an endless swimming experience. The great thing about the Fastlane is that it can be used for exercising, swimming practice, or for fun. The machine can be installed in water that is at least 35 inches in depth, so if you can swim, you can use the Fastlane.

The unit comes with an easy-to-use controller that displays on/off and a range of current strengths. The Fastlane is great for everyone because the current can be set for beginners all the way up to Olympic swimmers. A 16” custom propeller is used to channel water into a smooth and strong current for an enjoyable swim.

Installing a Fastlane can add an entirely new dimension to your pool and increase the overall functionality. The various current speeds can suit the needs of everyone in the family and offer a lot of fun for the kids.

Exercising Benefits

Swimming is a great way to get your exercise in, and now it’s even more achievable. The Fastlane can increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve muscle and joint strength, as well as keep your workouts low-impact on the body. It’s also great for all aquatic activities such as water aerobics, aquatic therapy, and water running/jogging. 

Another benefit of having a Fastlane in your own pool is being in the privacy of your own home while you exercise. You can have a versatile pool that you know is clean and for your own personal use.

Installment & Safety

The Fastlane comes in two parts: a hydraulic-powered unit that is located away from the pool area and a swimming unit that is submerged in the pool. To keep electricity away from the water, the two units are attached by hydraulic hoses. The system keeps you and your family safe from any electrical current used to power the system. No matter if you have concrete, masonry, fiberglass, or other types of pools, the Fastlane can still be installed.

Make Your Pool Limitless

Are you ready to transform your traditional pool into a multi-functional training pool? Check out our website for a full video of the Fastlane to see if it’s right for you. Contact us today for more information.