Digital Accessories to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

Anyone with a hot tub knows the feeling of relief when, after a long day at work, you jump into the steamy waters of your personal oasis. The stress from your day washes away, along with your physical discomfort. If you’re looking for ways to further enhance this incredible experience, we recommend incorporating a few digital accessories into your spa. Let’s discuss a few that we know you’ll love. 

Hot Spring® Sound System

For any music enthusiasts out there, the Hot Spring® Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology is your new best friend. Whether you want to stream music live or listen to your music library from your device, this sound system makes it easy. As soon as you switch on your favorite song, your entire day will turn into a fun celebration. Try inviting a few friends over, preparing some refreshing drinks, and then turning up the music. This will get the party started and help everyone have the night of a lifetime. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a more relaxing night, you can turn on your favorite white noise or ambient sound playlist. These peaceful sounds will help to clear your mind and usher in a night of pure rejuvenation. 

Gecko in.Touch 2 Wi-Fi Kit

Imagine being able to control your spa, all from your phone or tablet. With the Gecko in.Touch 2 Wi-Fi Kit, this is a reality! This kit is compatible with iOS, Android, and voice-assisted devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With the click of a button, you can set your hot tub’s temperature, turn the jets and lights on or off, monitor your water care, and track your energy savings. It will ensure that your hot tub is ready for use at any time of the day or night. For example, perhaps you’re on the way home after a long day and all you want to do is hop into your spa as soon as you’re back. Just get on your smartphone, set your spa’s water temperature, turn on the jets, and you’re all set! 

Hot Spring® Spas Wireless Monitor

With the ​​Hot Spring® Spas 22” HD Wireless Monitor, you can bring the experience of curling up and watching your favorite video right to your hot tub! Constructed from heavy-duty tempered glass and a sturdy frame, this monitor is built to withstand the elements and provide you with endless enjoyment. It’s equipped with an HDMI input which makes it easy to connect your streaming stick. You can either switch on live TV or stream a video, whether it be an episode of your favorite TV show or a movie. To ensure that your monitor is ready for even the most extreme weather, you can also add our all-weather feature that features an anti-reflective, anti-glare coating. 

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