Benefits of Soaking in Salt Water

Soaking in a spa after a long day can be the perfect fix. It provides you a place to relax and rewind. But you want to be sure you are investing in the right kind of hot tub for you. One of the main differences between spas is the water they use. Hot tubs can use saltwater or chlorine! Chlorine definitely has its perks, but we want to share the benefits of soaking in a saltwater spa.


An All Natural Exfoliant

Saltwater provides an abundance of benefits to your skin. Salt is a natural exfoliant that is found in many skin care products, giving you that fresh scrubbed and clean feeling. It opens pores for a deeper clean, increased blood circulation, and allows your skin to better absorb moisturizers and other treatments. Salt is much gentler on the body and a 30-minute soak in saltwater can leave your skin feeling softer than ever!


Muscle Relaxer & Pain Reliever

Soaking in a saltwater spa can also ease your pain. Salt has many natural healing properties. If you suffer from joint pain causing swelling throughout your body, a soak in your saltwater spa might be just the relief you need! As the warm water relaxes your muscles, the salt removes tension and reduces swelling – overall easing your pain.


Increased Mobility

One last benefit is tension and stress relief. As the hot water is massaged deep into your neck and back, pressure is eliminated almost instantly. The massage, especially when paired with saltwater, loosens and relaxes. This improves flexibility and increases mobility all around!



Get Your Hot Tub Today

 The benefits are endless with a saltwater spa! Whether you need to reduce stress, take a break or improve your skincare routine, salt can help with it all. Call us today or stop by our store for more information on our saltwater spa selections!



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