Beat The Summer Heat: Why Saunas Aren’t Just For Cold Weather

Saunas are often thought of as a winter activity – something to do when the weather outside is cold and the snow is falling. Although this belief is common, rest assured that saunas can be enjoyed year-round and there are many benefits of using a sauna during the summer that you might not expect!  Read on to learn more.

Relaxation in a hot summer

Saunas provide an ideal way to relax and unwind during the hot summer months. A session in a sauna can improve circulation, reduce stress levels, relieve muscle tension and even help clear up skin complexion! Saunas are known to reduce fatigue, boost energy levels and elevate moods, which leads to more overall relaxation. These results come from the release of feel-good endorphins created by the shock of the warm environment. These endorphins are responsible for feelings of pleasure and relaxation, a wonderful addition to your life no matter the season!

Improve circulation

Whether you use a traditional sauna, outdoor sauna, or infrared sauna, a session in a hot environment can provide numerous health benefits, including increased circulation. When exposed to the high temperatures of a sauna, your body’s arteries expand and allow more oxygen-rich blood to move through your veins. This improved circulation delivers nutrients to cells more efficiently, which aids in the body’s ability to heal itself from injury or illness as well as flush out toxins that can accumulate in the body over time.

Reduce stress

Using a sauna in the summer can be an effective and natural way to reduce stress levels. Hot temperatures in a sauna create a calming environment which helps to relax the body and mind. This helps to reduce cortisol levels in the body resulting in reduced tension, greater mental clarity, and improved sleep quality.

Relief from sore muscles

Using a sauna in the summer can provide much needed relief from sore muscles due to its therapeutic effects. The warm temperature of a sauna helps to loosen tight muscles, allowing for improved flexibility and increased range of motion. In addition, the heat from the sauna encourages increased circulation throughout the body, which helps bring oxygen-rich blood to areas with muscle soreness. This promotes healing by helping flush out lactic acid build-up in muscles that are often responsible for pain and stiffness.

Additionally, using a sauna can help reduce inflammation caused by intense physical activity or intense temperatures outside. The steam produced from a sauna session can help soothe and relax overworked muscles while providing moisture and warmth to alleviate any discomfort. 

Overall, using a sauna during the summer months provides numerous health benefits that can help improve your overall well being. With all these benefits combined, it’s easy to see why saunas aren’t just for cold winter nights and are a solid investment for year-round relaxation! So if you’re looking for an effective way to heat up your summer, a sauna session may be just what you need. Luckily for you, you have a friend (Us!) who can guide you in selecting the perfect sauna for you so stop by our location near you!