A Vacation Destination in the Backyard

This summer, instead of planning a big vacation, invest in your home and entertainment. With the addition of a hot tub, you can create an at-home oasis that will serve as the getaway you’ve needed! The best part – you won’t have to leave the house. Now, you can take more time for yourself and clear your head of day-to-day stress and worries. Plus, our hot tubs give you the space to spend more quality time with your family!


Much of what you experience on vacation, can also be done in your very own spa! Spend time getting refreshed and revitalized while appreciating nature and the environment around you. A hot tub can also become part of your daily routine! By spending just 15-20 minutes in your spa daily, you can improve both your health and sleep. Now, you can provide yourself with some dedicated relaxation time that also contributes to your wellness!


Hot tubs also bring you the connection that you long for when taking a vacation. You will now have a consistent opportunity to invite family friends and neighbors over to socialize! And – logistics won’t be a hassle. Family quality time is also important, and our hot tubs are great for any size family. Since you can’t bring electronics into the water, spas create the perfect place to connect with your children without distraction.


Time in nature can also be soothing and rejuvenating. Instead of traveling far to get some time outdoors, you can create a space in your backyard that you won’t ever want to leave! Reflection time in nature can also help you reset and create a happier lifestyle.


Although hot tubs are a big investment, they have a high return in the long run. Save money on your vacations and spend more time at home. By creating a space outdoors that leads to happiness, vitality and connection – you won’t have to plan a getaway trip anytime soon! It’s all right out the back door. Call or visit us at Bachmanns Pools, Spas & Saunas today to help you create a private oasis!

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