Why a Sauna at Home Is a Smart Investment, Hybrid Saunas Verona, Madison

If you want to upgrade your home and you’re looking for something new and exciting, consider upgrading with your own sauna. Here’s why a sauna at home is a smart investment. Spa-ready Pampering from Home – A visit to the spa is a luxurious treat that everyone enjoys. But getting to the spa isn’t always … Read More

Verona Hybrid Sauna Dealer Participates in Relationship Wellness Month

“There are many different types of relationships in people’s lives: family relationships, friendships and work relationships,” Fred Bachmann, President of Bachmann Pools and Spas. Over time, however, those initial attractants begin to fade, and relationships suffer if people do not take the time to keep them strong. Here are three ways people can keep the important … Read More