Even More Reviews!

I write on behalf of my husband and I to praise and to compliment your Service Department! I have been carrying your card around for sometime hoping to send this note. So, here goes:

First of all, we were very blessed to be given a priority appointment when our Hot Tub’s heater system malfunctioned during the colder weather months. For this swiftness in fixing our problem, we are most grateful.

Second of all, we wanted to let you know how talented, kind, precise and knowledgeable your Serviceman, Ethan Weiler, is. My husband and I were very grateful for his expert help in fixing our Bachmann HotSprings Hot Tub after the heater failed us. This was our first major repair in the 5 years we have owned and used our wonderful HotSprings Hot Tub.

Lastly, we continue to feel very blessed to own and to use your high quality products!
Mary & Dean H

Thanks again for all of your help, with diagnosing & repairing my Prodigy Spa. It Leaks no more! Please thank Greg, Terry & Ethan too!
Laura A.

We are extremely happy with our purchase of a Hot Spring Spa, Envoy model. We heard about Bachmann Pools while watching the news on tv. An ad came up on a sale they were having, so we decided to visit their store. That was a great idea, as we could not decide on having the spa outside or inside.

We were adding to our house at that time and when we saw their display room, with the spa inside, we copied the plans and built a room just like theirs at our home. Their technicians were very helpful with ideas for our room, the sales staff helped us tremendously on sizing the spa for our needs and the price was just right for what we were looking for.

It is so enjoyable and relaxing to sit in our spa and we have the treatments down path now! We can always count on their service, being first time owners of a spa.
Howard & Lidia E.

Thank you for your donation of pool supplies to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Montego Bay Jamaica. We appreciate your generosity. We were recently given a beautiful 13 acre campus in Mobay. We are starting our first DTS in January 2003 with the goal of mobilizing, training, and sending Jamaican/Caribbean into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We appreciate your donation to the ministry. Thank you for Partnering with us in the Caribbean. God bless you.
Bill & Val L.

We would like to drop a note of appreciation to Bachmann. We have had our hot tub since 1991. It has afforded my husband and myself – plus a large family hours of enjoyment. I was diagnosed with R. Arthritis (R.A.) three years ago, and the hot tub has proven a god-send. Also I want to let you know each time we have dropped in for supplies your staff is A-1 courteous and helpful with any of our questions.
Angie & Nelson W.

Thank you for your exemplary service, knowledge and dedication to your customers. Keep up the awesome job!
The Ferorrows

In 2005 I purchased a Hotspring Envoy Spa. I just love it! Haven’t had many problems with it, but when I did the Bachmann Service Department were quick to come and do the repairs. In the future, when I purchase another spa I will be returning to Bachmann Pools & Spas.

Just wished I lived closer to Madison to enjoy all of their other services.
Wendy B.

We bought our Spa from Bachmanns back in 2003 and it is one of the best investments we have ever made. Nothing can compare to the relaxation you get from sitting in your spa at the end of a hard day!
Kim M.

In 2006, as first time buyers in the hot tub world, we had a lot of conceptions and misconceptions about this warm and wonderful lifestyle. The Bachmann staff was incredibly helpful in the purchase, set up and instructional use and care of our beautiful tub.

Even though I’m a rehab therapist, I couldn’t have known how therapeutic these tubs can be. Looking back on our first year with the tub, I remember athletic injuries being eased as we sat outside in gently falling snow, and stresses melting away as day after day we decided to “hit the tub” before bed. We set the thermostat lower in the evening last winter because we were so deeply warm before bed and certainly we slept more peacefully.

I can hardly believe that we used the tub 2 out of 3 days all year, which equates to 240 uses!! We learned that the hot tub is not just a party tool; It has been a great addition to the comfort and healing environment that a home should provide. We can heartily recommend Bachmann Pools and Spas to anyone wanting to fully experience the hot tub lifestyle.

Thanks again for all of your advice and help.
Jeff K. & Nena S.

Purchasing our Hot Springs spa was easy and fun. Our sales person had all the right information and worked to find the right spa for us. The installation and orientation was extremely helpful and really made the spa easy to own. We really enjoy soaking in the tub to unwind after a long day or any day for that matter!
Craig J.

Thank you for supporting Tellurian by participating in the 2003 Teresa McGovern Celebrity Golf Tournament! Your support will help serve the close to six thousand mostly indigent patients that Tellurian serves annually.

With the numerous budgetary cuts to human service companies, your generosity is even more appreciated to ensure the continuance of Tellurian with its mission!
Kevin F.

Buying our hot tub from Bachmann’s was easy. We thought we were buying a good product, but wondered what service we would need. 11 years has flown by, thankfully to the low maintenance Prodigy and the fantastic service man from Bachmann’s.

First, we love that they try to help us over the phone, saving the charge of the service call if possible. Then they arrive at the time they schedule (not true of many servicemen these days) and are efficient and descriptive with their repairs.

We love our hot tub and would like to thank Ethan and the gang for the great service through the years. We’re sticking with you guys!
Amy and Don Z.

Let the boss know-I have used your service for many years and am well satisfied. You should know that last year, my son, who is a spa owner asked me where I got my chemicals, etc. He was very unhappy with his current provider. I told him about how happy I was with pricing and service at Bachmanns and suggested he try it.

Well, he did and couldn’t be happier, not only did your sales person spend a good deal of time explaining the usage of spa chemicals, he actually found a way to decrease his usage and costs. On top of that he said last year he ordered some chemicals and before he knew it they were delivered to his door by a very helpful young man (no addnl charge).

Let me tell you. I have found other suppliers, but never anyone who helps me out the way your sales people do. It’s not always just the cost that’s important. Service goes a long way. Times may be tough, but your fine sales people go a long way in helping regardless of the hard times. I am glad to pass this on to you. Let your people know how well they do. Without them, you have no customers.

Thank you Bachmann’s, you can print this and post it by your registers so all will know what a good job you do.
Richard H.

I just wanted to express our happiness with your company and especially your customer support. We purchased our house this summer and it included the Tiger River Sumatran Spa, I have visited virtually every one of your west side competitors to ask questions and buy supplies.

In every case I was treated with indifference and often given seemingly poor advice. Finally, I called your customer service dept. and they cheerfully explained my questions right over the phone even though I am not even a customer yet.

Rest assured we will make the trek to the East side to purchase our spa supplies from you from now on!
Garrett & Roni P.

Since purchasing our Tahitian spa in 2003 at your former Janesville facility, I had need for service on just a few occasions during that time. I have had the pleasure of dealing both on the telephone and at our home, with Eaton who is a fine young man and who represents your business with the highest level of customer service.

Eaton is not only very thorough mechanically but in addition was very skilled in his approach to our needs and concerns. He spends the time to explain, if you are interested as I am, in what and why he is doing what he needs to do. He makes you feel like you are the only customer call of the day

Kiya, certainly the product is of major importance, however, based upon my one-on-one contact with Eaton, I would not only recommend your business to my friends but when we are ready for an updated spa I would come to Madison versus the new Caldera dealer in Janesville. Eaton is a keeper.
Don W.

Thank you very much for fixing my hot tub. Your service was great and the way you told me what was wrong and how you were going to make things right was terrific. I always try and spread the word about Bachmann and hope others will purchase your product. I just wish you all were closer. Thank you again for your time and effort.
Ben R.